Trent Zelazny is a Santa Fe fiction author and writer. In this hour-long podcast, Trent recounts his life as the son of a famous international writer ...View Details

Thinking it Through, the Issues Series. No, not a right-winger, my brother Peter Lund launches the first of some brief takes on a couple of issues of ...View Details

The second of a series of interviews with some of the creative and energetic millenials of Minneapolis and St. Paul, this conversation reviews the mus...View Details

In this first in a series of interviews with millennial women of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Zoe Prinds-Flash shares her journey and workings as a professio...View Details

"It’s my belief that we have a poignant longing for deep and vivid communion with art. Where empathy, compassion, vision, imagination, and love exist,...View Details

In a brief review of her life's work, Sue shares in this Thinking it Through double episode how she was able to put the pieces together to create the ...View Details

Nancy Nelson is a native midwesterner who migrated to New Mexico and had a successful career as an anthropologist - in particular, working and teachin...View Details

Born in Cannon Falls some 82 years ago, Roger Williams became a servant of the state of Minnesota for some 32 years prior to retirement. Roger embodie...View Details

As a final episode in the Hawaiian series of podcasts, local Hawaiian Leomi Bergknut shares her connection to the Big Island and Hawaiian culture in t...View Details

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